Retail Benefits of Skylights

Skylights in retail have been found to be positively and significantly correlated to higher sales. A HMG study showed, a non-skylit stores would increase sales by 40% by incorporating skylights. The link between high consumer activity and skylighting occured despite the fact that many of the customers interviewed stated that they were unaware of the presence of skylights. The customers responded that they frequent the skylit stores because of positive environmental feelings, such as the stores feel cleaner, more spacious, more open or brighter. No seasonal variation was detected. Researchers concluded this suggested a long-term customer loyalty effect and not a short-term impetus on sales. 

Increases in sales have been a result of both more foot traffic to the store, as well as a rise in the number of average customer transactions. According to a HMG study, the average customer transaction is 1% – 2% higher in skylit stores. 

Employees working in naturally lit buildings have been shown to have increased morale resulting in better customer service, increased productivity and decreased absenteeism.

(Information courtesy of VELUX USA | © 2010 VELUX Group)