Energy Star Information

What is an ENERGY STAR® label?
A marketing designation developed by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Products with an ENERGY STAR® label must meet certain energy-performance criteria. The ENERGY STAR® label is the simplest and fastest way for a consumer to ensure product performance for their region of the country. Since the energy performance of windows, doors, TDD’s and skylights varies by climate, products are labeled for all US climate zones. Skylights and TDD’s receive a different rating than windows and doors. Most VELUX® standard skylights meet the ENERGY STAR® requirements for all US climate zones.

What’s required for a manufacturer to have a product ENERGY STAR® labeled?

  • Product must be NFRC certified and labeled
  • Product meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for the labeled climate zone(s)

(Information courtesy of VELUX USA | © 2010 VELUX Group)