Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reductions

“Sustainable living” is an ever-growing movement reinforcing the fact that occupants, owners of building, and code officials are growing more sensitive to energy costs and usage, demanding increased efficiency from products bought and endorsed.

Ahead of the curve, VELUX intends to stay there with more than 90% of their products qualified ENERGY STAR® in all U.S. climate zones. If you have any suggestions how VELUX can do even better for your clients, we’d love to hear from you!

As briefed under the Energy Codes, it is essential that a building be considered as a whole and not just its elements in order to optimize energy performance and reduce CO2 emissions. This effective state of design must also take advantage of available resources, such as the wind and sun to achieve maximum energy and minimum cost.

As an example, windows are considerable energy contributors and should have strategic placing to allow solar heat gain and natural ventilation; different window types should used for south and north-facing areas.

To enhance the combined effect of these factors, adding roller shutters and awning blinds provide flexibility to a buildings envelope by keeping heat out during summers and in on winter nights.

Buildings of the future will feature intelligent design controlling the climate automatically; knowing when to provide ventilation, protect from heat, and insulate from the cold.

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